April 11, 2017


NTSA to create digital driving licenses? The new licenses will function like credit cards with penalties levelled against them.

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NTSA to create digital driving licenses?

NTSA to create digital driving licenses?

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has announced that the much touted smart driving licenses will be rolled out next month.

Motorists will now pay for minor traffic offenses with the new licenses, which will be structured like a standard debit card. The smart licenses will have a payment wallet that enables traffic officers to collect fines from motorists via a gadget. The wallet can also be used for other payments like fuel.

According to NTSA director-general Francis Meja, the smart licenses will improve road safety as they will capture the driving history of all drivers and improve enforcement of traffic laws as well as curtail the massive corruption on our roads.

Drivers who flout traffic rules will have the preloaded points that will come with the smart driving license deducted and once one has exhausted their points, their license will be confiscated for a period of time.

They will come with a point system where users will get points deducted for various traffic offences. Once they exhaust their point system, they will then have their driver’s license confiscated for a period of time. The points will be about 20. Should they go down to below 15, the driver will be suspended from the road for a period of six months,” said Mr Meja.


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