The 2022 general elections are impending and politicians have officially kicked off the electioneering period. Political temperatures in the country, which have been fueled by intolerance, are escalating to alarming rates and this time round it’s not just all about the 2022 elections but the controversial Building Initiative (BBI) agenda is also a major factor. The leading Political parties have seen massive defections, suspension of members and political slurs have been escalated to physical fistfights. Chaos In Baringo County Assembly The Baringo County Assembly became the recent arena of political intolerance on Thursday after chaos erupted in the county assembly as MCA’s voted to reject the BBI Bill, becoming the first county in the country to reject the BBI bill. The county assembly reportedly voted overwhelmingly against the BBI Bill with 30 MCAs voting no and only 5 voting yes. Multiple reports say teargas was lobbed into the assembly, forcing the legislators to scurry for safety. MPs Simba Arati and Sylvanus Osoro fight in front of DP Ruto and Odinga Last week, legislators Simba Arati of Dagoreti and his South Mugirango counterpart Sylvanus Osoro fought on the podium, during a funeral service attended by deputy president William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga over BBI allegiances. The leaders were attending the funeral of Abel Gongera, the father of Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi. Hustler Vs Dynasty The hustler Vs Dynasty narratives, with the former led by DP William Ruto, have become the latest charades of political division and intolerance. The “Hustler nation “narrative pity’s the poor against the elite. Political intolerance has no place in today’s democratic world and our politicians need to tone it down.

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