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An ex-police informer, who is among five policemen charged with the 2016 gruesome murder of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client Josephat Mwenda & taxi driver Joseph Muiruri, has revealed how they killed the three in a recorded statement that was read in court on Monday. “How we abducted and killed lawyer Willy Kimani”  According to a written statement by the informer, Peter Ngugi, four police officers from Mlolongo Administration Police post, planned and executed the murder of the three gentlemen. He further singles out police officer Fredrick Leliman as the mastermind of the murder, saying he suffocated the victims with a polythene bag and strangled them with a rope, before dumping their bodies in a river. According to Ngugi, Leliman wanted Josephat Mwenda dead over a case he had lodged with the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) after he (Leliman) shot him on the leg. “He (Leliman) told me that there was a case that was bothering him. He revealed to me that he had previously shot and injured a person, and that injured man was really pushing for his dismissal and was being assisted by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) in the case,” says Ngugi in the statement. Ngugi further states that his role was to monitor Mwenda’s movements on the day he and his lawyer Willie Kimani and their taxi driver were abducted after attending a court session at the Milimani law courts. “The case took like two hours and I remained outside all through until when the wanted man came out. When he came out he was accompanied by another man (lawyer). I called Leliman and he told me that the other man was also a thief and was together with the wanted man,” he further states. Body of Willie Kimani Found in River

5 police officers charged with lawyer Willie Kimani Murder, his client Josephat Mwenda & taxi driver Joseph Muiruri

The bodies of Willie Kimani, his client Josephat Mwenda & taxi driver Joseph Muiruri were discovered by villagers when they washed up on Ol Donyo  Sabuk River days after they went missing. They were tied up with ropes, while some had their fingers chopped off and eyes gouged out, an indication that they were tortured before they were killed. POLICE OFFICERS CHARGED WITH WILLIE KIMANI MURDER Three police officers were charged with the murder. They are AP officers Fredrick Leliman, Leonard Mwangi, Stephen Chebulet and Silvia Wanjiku and taxi driver Peter Kamau alias Brown. When the murder trial kicked off in November 2016, lawyer Fred Ojiambo told the court that the Prosecution would provide “graphic and chilling details” to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Administration Police Officer Frederick Ole Leliman and his co-accused persons were involved in the murder of the deceased persons. LAWYER WILLIE KIMANI MURDER TRIAL RESUMES IN THE BACKDROP OF MISSING HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST

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