September 21, 2023


Rachel Ruto has been public about engaging in what she calls; “faith diplomacy” in her work as the First Lady.

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KOT condemn Rachel Ruto’s faith diplomacy

KOT condemn Rachel Ruto’s faith diplomacy

First Lady Rachel Ruto

First Lady Rachel Ruto has been on the receiving end of the wrath of Kenyans of Twitter (KOT) – now Kenyans of X, but that doesn’t have as good of a ring to it –  after American-Canadian televangelist, Benny Hinn announced that she’d flown to New York to invite him to do a state-funded crusade in Kenya.

KOT has condemned the First Lady for having misplaced priorities and wasting taxpayers’ money on personal religious matters. KOT went ahead to compare the impact the former first lady Margaret Kenyatta made vs Rachel Ruto’s priorities.

Rachel Ruto has been public about engaging in what she calls; “faith diplomacy” in her work as the First Lady. In her twitter profile, she describes herself as a ‘Mother, Educator & Advocate for Women’s Economic Empowerment, Climate Action & Faith Diplomacy. Join me on the journey towards equity.’

Below are some of the reactions shared on Twitter under the trending hashtags #RachelRuto and #MargaretKenyatta

The government critic: Rachel Ruto can use those millions she’s going to waste on crusade to bring up more children home to help the street kids. Everyone can pray for himself.

Juma G: First Lady, Prayer Warrior and Intercessor Mama Rachel Ruto flew a private jet to Orlando, with over 10 aides to ask evangelist Benny Hinn to visit Kenya for state-sponsored crusades, to pray for God leadership, long life for leaders and end of corruption. We miss you Maggy!

Debby: Former First Lady Margaret Kenyatta really focused on matters health….because of Her we Have Beyond Zero, there was also free ambulance evacuation for emergency maternity cases and then there’s Rachael Ruto who wants to run our country with crusades I’m not against prayers but not at the expense of our taxes @WilliamsRuto are you proud of how you and your family is trying to run this country as if it’s an extension of your homestead We can’t be paying taxes for crusades bana!

Cyrus Koreshi: Rachel Ruto she has a program of empowering women who are into small businesses. So every first lady has to come up with new program(s) different from the previous successor.


What can we expect from Benny Hinn’s ‘crusade’ in Kenya?

For those of you who want to learn more about what Benny Hinn is likely to do when he visits Kenya at the taxpayer’s expense consider reading this article: ‘Benny Hinn in Kenya: expect fake healings & fancy hotels’


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