July 7, 2023


2023’s Saba Saba day follows huge rise in fuel prices. The day is a day of protest and the fuel price rise is causing a high cost of living.

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2023’s Saba Saba day follows huge rise in fuel prices

2023’s Saba Saba day follows huge rise in fuel prices

The 7th of July marks the 33rd anniversary of Saba Saba day, the day on which a coalition of pro-democracy organisations and advocates marched on Nairobi demanding multi-party democracy and protesting the authoritarian rule of President Daniel Arap Moi.

Every year since, the 7th of July has been earmarked as a day of protest and, though there have been many Saba Saba days that were fuelled by pressing grievances, 2023’s had an obvious sense of injustice carrying it.

‘Enough is enough’ and ‘Save our future’ adorned the placards of 2020’s Saba Saba day and, on X (formerly Twitter), the rallying cry relating to this day has lengthily been #SabaSabaMarchForOurLives.

With the theme of recent protests – decrying the high and rising cost of living and (again) calling for freer, more transparent elections – so fresh in our minds it will not surprise readers to know that this year, as with many of the Saba Saba days past, Kenyans will be calling for measurable change.

Fuel prices rise, again

Before X and the newspapers turned to documenting and discussing the impending Saba Saba day, they were occupied with one of the problems contributing to Kenyans’ dismay presently: yet another fuel price rise.

Kenyans are presently experiencing the highest fuel prices they’ve seen since the government began regulating them in 2010. Spurred by a recent increase in VAT added to fuel, the price hikes to petroleum, diesel and kerosene are contributing to an inflation rate that was 7.9% in June.

This is making a huge contribution to the high cost of living that protestors will be complaining of as they march today.


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