October 15, 2018


Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange interviewed controversial former South Sudan Chief of General Staff Paul Malong Awan; critics argue that it was in bad state and only meant to sanitize Malong and discredit the Profiteers documentary by John Allan Namu.

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Kenyans On Twitter Condemn Jeff Koinange For “Sanitizing” Controversial South Sudan General

Kenyans On Twitter Condemn Jeff Koinange For “Sanitizing” Controversial South Sudan General

“Good morning Dobi @KoinangeJeff. Who’s next in your laundry?” one Alamin Kimathi shared on Twitter.

It’s one of the numerous remarks made in mockery of Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange after he interviewed controversial former South Sudan Chief of General Staff Paul Malong Awan , who was recently exposed in the documentary The Profiteers, for allegedly being as one of the leaders accused of several gross atrocities including rape, murder and torture in the war-torn nation.

Koinange, who hosted General Malong on an exclusive interview on Citizen Tv’s, Sunday Live, focused on bringing Malong to answer to the allegations raised on The Profiteers documentary.

“They say you are one of the richest men in South Sudan Paul Malong: Where did you get the money? Koinage asked.

Malong: They did not tell us where I got the money from. Till now, nobody has come forward to say what bank accounts and foreign accounts I have put my money in.

Critics argue that Koinange’s interview was in bad state and only meant to sanitize Malong and discredit the Profiteers documentary, considering that the General had blatantly refused to give Allan Namu an interview or even a written right of reply.

“It is very clear why Paul Malong prefers @KoinangeJeff‘s laundromat. He wouldn’t have lasted two minutes with Namu,” one Jerotich Seii‏  tweeted.

Paul Malong denied that he is related to Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr, saying he is not his son.

Lual Malong Yor Jr, is also one of the flamboyant south Sudanese who has also made Nairobi home.

Malong was fired by President Salva Kiir in 2017 for allegedly denying peacekeepers to access conflict zones in South Sudan.

According to Namu, Malong, who in his tenure in Kiirr’s government had been described as a powerful hardliner, enjoys close ties to Kenya’s government top leadership and in 2016 when Malong was hospitalized at the Nairobi hospital; President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were some of the leaders who visited him in hospital.

The Profiteers documentary, a production of African Uncensored by John Allan Namu, exposes the war and plunder in South Sudan and reveals Kenya’s role in “providing cover” to some of the leaders accused of those crimes, including Malong, who have fled their country but are walking freely in Nairobi.

Interestingly, the Profiteers documentary was to air on KTN last week but its screening was done away with under unclear circumstances to a public outcry. The documentary is however available on YouTube and has received immense views.

After Koinange’s intervierw, John Allan Namu has maintained that he stands by his story.

“Never forget: Hundreds of thousands dead. Billions stolen. Sanctions issued. We stand by our story,” Namu said in a tweet.

Below are some of the reactions to the Jeff Koinange interview with South Sudan’s Paul Malong.

Múturi wa Karúgútí‏: This was really in bad taste @KoinangeJeff. @citizentvkenya should fight the vice not sanitize it. It looked stage-managed.

Silas Nalyanya‏ : Why is Jeff trying so hard to sanitise General Malong? Why NOT ask him the tough questions that he needs to answer? Why keep yapping that “they say, they say, the UN report says….ooh the documentary alleges.” What kind of journalism is this? #SundayLive

King Fred Asira‏: This interview is below the class of Citizen and a journalist of Jeff’s calibre. It passes as a rejoinder to John Allan Namu’s expose instead of a well-researched issue based interview. #SundayLive

 @ItsMutai : This is a thug. He is a war criminal. Looter and economic terrorist of South Sudan. We know he is being protected by some people in the Kenyan government. And now My good friend @KoinangeJeff is using @citizentvkenya to sanitize this criminal on the eyes of Kenyans. #SundayLive

RETIRED COMRADE‏:  Jeff Koinange shows has been perfect for sanitizing crooks in this country. Today, #SundayLive interview with warlord Paul Malong is part of the scheme to discredit #TheProfiteers, it has terribly backfired. The common narrative of looters “I am blessed” must be tamed



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