Three out of five Kenyans think the country is ‘going in the wrong’ direction according to an opinion poll by Infotrak. 65 percent of those questioned said they do not believe the government is doing enough to protect from the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pandemic an Economic Health Issue The results of the poll, however, reveal that Kenyans do not see the pandemic as so much a health problem but rather as a personal finance and economic issue, with some 63 percent of respondents feeling this way. 61 percent of those polled said the response to the pandemic had raised the cost of living. 51 percent cited the poor state of the economy, with many people losing their jobs and businesses closing down, were the main reasons they thought Kenya was ‘going in the wrong direction'. Three in ten of those surveyed said they had closed their own business because of the pandemic and the response to it, while 28 percent said they had lost their income and 17 percent reported that their salaries had been cut. The Infotrak poll suggests the effects of the pandemic have hit rural areas more than urban areas with 68 percent of people living in the countryside saying they are unhappy with the way the country is going and struggling to pay their rent, buy food and support their families. The opinion poll sampled the views of 1,000 people across 30 counties. Those polled were asked if they thought Kenya was going in the right, or the wrong direction.

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