August 2, 2023


Twitter’s rebranding includes a new name and logo. A day after the CEO Elon Musk  Twitter sign came down at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco and was replaced with a large X-shaped sign

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Twitter Rebrands to X

Twitter Rebrands to X

Twitter rebrands to X

In what seems like a spirited effort to evolve and shape a new identity in the wake of the controversy and backlash that has characterized social media giant Twitter, the company has announced a major rebranding.

Twitter’s rebranding includes a new name and logo. A day after the CEO Elon Musk  Twitter sign came down at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco and was replaced with a large X-shaped sign. The X has also replaced the blue bird logo on the popular social media platform and on its iOS and Android mobile Apps.

Mr Musk says “tweets” will be replaced too, with posts to be called “x’s” instead.

So what exactly are the reasons behind Twitter’s decision to rebrand and the potential impact on the Elon Musk-led platform’s future?

The Motivation Behind the Rebranding

Twitter’s rebranding comes at a crucial time when the social media platform has been rocked by various challenges, including misinformation, racial discrimination, political biases, user engagement concerns, and the need to adapt to the preferences of younger audiences. The rebranding initiative, according to the company is aimed at addressing these issues while reinforcing Twitter’s commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and accessibility.

What has Twitter changed in Its New Identity

A New Visual Identity: The trademark blue bird is gone! The most noticeable aspect of Twitter’s rebranding is its new visual identity; x. The platform has revamped its logo, opting for what it refers to as a “modern, sleek, and versatile design”.

The design retains the essence of the bird, but with cleaner lines and a contemporary feel.
Color Palette Evolution: Twitter’s iconic blue color remains a significant part of its brand identity, but the rebranding introduces new accent colors to represent the diversity and dynamism of its users. The addition of vibrant hues brings a sense of energy and excitement to the platform, signaling Twitter’s readiness to embrace change.

Focus on Communication: The rebranding focuses on enhancing the communication experience on Twitter. The platform has introduced new interface elements to facilitate more engaging conversations, improve accessibility, and promote positive interactions.

These changes aim to foster meaningful dialogues and connections among users while reducing the spread of harmful content”.

A Revamped Mission Statement: With its rebranding, Twitter has also redefined its mission statement to reflect its evolving purpose in the digital era.

“The new mission emphasizes Twitter’s commitment to free expression, inclusivity, and being a platform where diverse voices can be heard, respected, and empowered,”.

The Potential Impact

Attracting New Users: The fresh look and improved features resulting from the rebranding could attract new users, particularly those from younger demographics who prioritize modern, user-friendly experiences.

Rebuilding Trust: Twitter’s efforts to address issues such as misinformation and harmful content could rebuild trust among its user base and the wider public. By being transparent about its commitment to fostering positive conversations, Twitter might become a more trusted platform for information sharing.

Competitive Edge: In a crowded social media landscape, rebranding can help Twitter stand out from its competitors. By showcasing its dedication to adaptability and innovation, the platform can carve out a unique niche in the market. However, some marketing experts have expressed reservations that twitter’s rebranding may do more harm than good to the brand.

Speaking to BBC, a former marketing executive and branding leader at Buzzfeed said the new brand feels exclusive.

“I think there was a true affinity for Twitter and the brand by their power users. This is a dramatic and unexpected turn. Their brand identity went from feeling warm and welcoming to dark and members-only. And to top it off, this all happened overnight. Literally,”  he said.

Impact on Advertising and Revenue: A successful rebranding could potentially lead to increased engagement and user retention, which, in turn, could positively impact advertising revenue and the company’s financial performance.


Elon Musk purchased for a highly leveraged $44 billion in October 2022. The company is now called X.





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